Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bedroom Clutter - Conquer Clutter

Ah the bedroom clutter problem. It happens to the best of us. Where did your peaceful haven for sleep go, and how can you get it back? To conquer clutter you must take control of your bedroom clutter.

First, make the bed. This alone makes the room look less cluttered. You really only need your pillows, and perhaps a few cushions, as your bed decoration. As well as your bed lines of course. Next, hang up all your clothes, or put them away into drawers. There is no reason for clothing items to be lying around the bedroom. This just adds to the sense of bedroom clutter.

Next, check all your horizontal surfaces. This includes dressing tables, chests of drawers, beside tables, and even the floor. To conquer clutter you need to stop those hot spots from forming. Put out a few of your items on display, and don't let that spot become a breeding place for clutter.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful haven for you to retire to. If you have too much bedroom clutter, you may feel restless and unable to relax properly in your bedroom. This is because your brain is bothered by all the visual clutter. Get rid of it and give yourself some peace. Bedroom clutter is easy to stay in control of, as long as you put your clothes away, make the bed, clear the surfaces and enjoy your sanctuary.