Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clutter Free Home - Clutter Management

Keeping your home clutter free is relatively easy once it IS clutter free. Nevertheless, it still has a way of sneaking up and rearing its ugly head again. Clutter management is really about keeping what you need, use and love, and getting new homes for the rest. Donate it, give it to your best friend, just free your junk so you can have a clutter free home.

A clutter free home will only stay that way if you constantly stay on top of it. Do whatever fits in with your schedule. Pick up after yourself, and always put things away and back in their place. This is the golden rule to clutter management. A few extra seconds or minutes spent putting items back where they belong when not in use will seriously save you hours of work later on. Why? Clutter breeds clutter. If you leave a junk pile out to fester, it will attract more junk and clutter to itself. Before you know it there is a mountain of clutter, or many mini-mountains, threatening to take over your clutter free home.

Learn the easy way like I did. All your clutter management tools are at This alone got my home clutter free.